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Power Music Box is a revolutionary cloud-based music storage and management system for Power Music songs. Allows secure and seamless transfer of sheet music, chord sheets, playlists, tags and index information between PCs, Macs and Apple iOS devices using Power Music software.

A completely NEW concept in music management…

From within Power Music, log in to My Box, and with the click of a mouse button, send music or playlists to My Box - complete with annotations, indexing, categories, authors, copyright info, tempo and melody information.

Then with another click of the mouse or tap of the screen, download from My Box to a PC, laptop, Windows tablet, Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Power Music Box is the missing link in music management for musicians.

Power Music Box is also used to manage music purchased from the Power Music Store. Purchased songs are instantly available in your Power Music Box (My Box) to download to Power Music on your PC, Mac or to the Power Music app on your iOS device.

Every Power Music Box users gets FREE cloud storage space (My Box) to store all your purchased songs. In addition you can store and transfer of your own sheet music, chord sheets, tags and index information in My Box between PCs running Power Music and Apple iOS devices running the Power Music app.

(You must adhere to the relevant copyright rules for any music you share between devices.)

Power Music Box is on-line, cloud storage for your music and playlists. When performing using Power Music, your music is stored and displayed on the local device – your PC, laptop or iOS device. An internet connection is only required when you transfer music between My Box and your devices. The biggest fear most people have when using an on-line system is "What if my Internet connection goes down when I am performing?" With Power Music this is not a worry. So… no Internet drop-out fears.

To display the music stored in My Box (your private storage area) you need a copy of Power Music. There are FREE versions available (see the "Get Power Music" button).

There are two ways of using Power Music Box.

  1. Store unlimited songs purchased from Power Music Store:
    Create a Free Power Music Box account, then go to the Power Music Store and purchase music. The music will immediately appear in My Box – your own secure Power Music storage area. Then from within the Power Music software download the music into your device. Your music is ready to be displayed for performance. You can display it using the Power Music Essentials (Windows) or Power Music app – both of which are FREE, or using Power Music Professional or Power Music Mac.
  2. Storing your own music:
    When you create a Free Power Music Box account, you are automatically given 5MB of storage for your own songs. This gives you your own private cloud space to store songs you have created using Power Music. You can also store and transfer edited/annotated versions of purchased songs in My Box.
  3. If you need more space to store your own songs in My Box then upgrade your account from Free to Starter, Standard or Power User.

    Chord sheets and sheet music can be created using Power Music from a scanner or PDF file, and then uploaded to My Box – complete with annotations, performance notes, indexing, categories, authors, copyright holders, tempo and melody information. With the click of the mouse or tap of the screen, download the music from My Box to another PC, laptop, Windows tablet, Mac, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch running any version of Power Music.

    As well as music you can upload playlists to and from My Box. From within Power Music, create your playlist, then upload it to My Box, then share it with other devices and users.

    Power Music Box is the missing link in music management for musicians - Power Music Box adds "Share"...

To use Power Music Box you will need to Register for an account. Registration is free! You will be asked to create a username and password to allow secure access to My Box.

Power Music Box is integrated into all versions of Power Music – Power Music Essentials, Power Music Professional, Power Music Mac and the Power Music app for iOS.

If you already have Power Music, you can immediately go to the Power Music Store and purchase music to use in Power Music.

If you don’t have Power Music click on the "Get Power Music" button on this website.

You can upgrade the Free account to get more space for storing your own music and start sharing your music between different devices, eg get your songs on your PC or Mac onto your iPad.

Privacy Policy: We use a secure payment partner and we do not share your details with any other companies or organisations.