Is the content on the store legal?
All content in Power Music Store is completely legal. All digital songbooks are provided with full permission from the publishers. In songbooks where the publisher is Power Music we only include songs for which we have permission from the copyright owner/administrator.

How do I use the content legally?
It is your responsibility to comply with copyright laws in making use of the music you download from Power Music Store. For worship music, we recommend that you have an active membership with CCLI and report on any printed copies you make.
The purpose of Power Music is to use your music on the screen, not on paper. However, you may wish to print copies for other members of your band who don't use Power Music. Under no circumstances are you permitted to share the music of Power Music Store with people outside of your church or ministry. Please encourage others to get their own digital songbooks from Power Music Store in their own account.

Why can't I just purchase music and print from the website like other stores?
Power Music Store is unlike other stores in that you don't simply purchase music, you purchase 'SONGS'. This means you get the piano score, transposable chord sheet (if applicable), lyrics and all the indexing such as author and category. The songs are in Power Music format and can only be used in one of the Power Music software applications. The indexing means you can find and display the song FAST. You can create playlists for full screen performing, and much, much more.

Why do I need to pay a subscription?
You don't! There are four Account types available including a FREE Account. You can purchase as many virtual songbooks as you want with a Free Account. These purchased songs are always available in your account ready for download to Power Music. You only need to buy a “paid for” (subscription) account if you want to upload your own songs to Power Music Box in order to download to other devices eg iPad. These three levels of account give you increasing amounts of storage for your own songs. At present, the Free Account comes with a small amount of storage to let you try using Power Music Box for your own songs.

Can I make changes to the songs I buy?
Using Power Music on your Mac or PC you can make changes for your own use provided you comply with copyright law. You can then upload the changed song to your Box for download to your iPad or other device.