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Musicademy Super Chord Charts Vol. 1


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Publisher: Musicademy
Published: 21 Mar 2013

This Virtual Songbook contains 20 of some of the most widely used worship songs in two great formats for each song. Now you can have Musicademy Super Chord Charts PLUS Transposable Power Music chords for each song. Musicademy have created really simple, yet really sophisticated chord charts for some of their backing tracks.
The thing is most chord charts don’t give you enough information. They are OK as a guide if you know the song and the version of the song really well but what about the structure of the song? When does the double chorus happen? What about the arrangement when the drums drop out for two bars on verse 3? How do we communicate that? What about the bars and how do the musicians know when to change chord, especially if they haven’t got a full score of if they don’t read music? How do we know which chord to end on? What about the strumming pattern, or the drum groove? And what about if it’s played in a guitar unfriendly key and they need to transpose it for a capo?
Each chord chart features:

- The entire song on a single page (some songs have another version for capo chords)
- The song title, key and capo fret positioning
- Each song part clearly divided into easy-to-follow sections
- Bar lines between words
- Exact intro and outro sequences
- A breakdown and map of the song structure
- Notes on when instruments drop in and out
- Chord diagrams of recommended chord shapes that sound best with that song
- A rhythm guide complete with acoustic guitar strumming pattern, bass groove and drum groove

Each Super Chord Chart is displayed as 'Music' in Power Music. Each song also comes with Power Music transposable chords on a single page as 'Chords'. Now you have the best of both!


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