What is Power Music format?

Songs purchased from Power Music Store are in Power Music format, designed for on-screen music display.

The philosophy behind Power Music is…. No more paper!

No more heavy music books, ring binders and folders of paper. Store everything in your computer or iOS device then display on-screen for practice and performance.

In the Power Music Store you can purchase high quality music to be used in Power Music Professional (Windows), Power Music Essentials (Windows), Power Music Mac, and Power Music App (iOS). Power Music Essentials, Mac and App are FREE for use with purchased songs. Read more about Power Music

A Power Music song is a "container" for the following information:

  • Sheet music – multiple pages
  • Chord sheet
  • Lyrics
  • Performance notes and annotations
  • Category and index information (meta data), where relevant:
    (titles, first line, tempo, key, artist/composer, copyright owner, Bible references)

Once purchased, the songs are immediately ready for download to your PC, Mac or iPad running the Power Music software.



There are two ways to purchase songs in the Power Music Store.

  • Buy a virtual songbook: To see the list of songs contained in a virtual songbook click on the ‘Songbook’ name, or in the Advanced search choose the songbook name in the drop down list and click Search.
  • Buy an individual song: Only certain pieces are available to purchase individually.


As soon as the purchase of a song or virtual songbook has been completed, they are available in My Box – your personal Power Music Box storage area. Simply log in to My Box from your Power Music software and download the songs to your device.

Search for a song

There is a simple Search box at the top of the Power Music Store search page. In this box you can type (any part of) - the song title, author, first line, category, copyright holder, song book name or publisher - and click the 'search' button to find matching songs.

When you have found the required song, click on the ‘Preview’ link to see a pop-up thumbnail of the piece, click on the ‘Songbook’ name to see details of the songbook, or click on the ‘Publisher’ name to be taken to their product page. When you are ready to order, click the 'Basket' icon on the right-hand side to add it to your basket.
The Advanced search (accessed by clicking the Advance search link) allows you to specify details in all the fields detailed above. In addition you can select a ‘Genre’ and search for any words in the lyrics of the song.

Browse Virtual Songbooks

By selecting a ‘Genre’ from the drop-down list you can browse the list of virtual songbooks. As before, clicking any link will give further information.

Each page has a ‘Back to search’ link to return you to the Power Music Store search page.


  • You must be logged in to your Power Music Box account to add songs to your basket.
  • Certain songs are only available in virtual songbooks and cannot be purchased separately.
  • There may be restrictions on buying some songs depending on your country of residence.
  • A copy of Power Music Professional, Power Music Essentials, Power Music Mac, Power Music Reader or the Power Music App is required to use songs purchased from the Power Music Store.

Privacy Policy: We use a secure payment partner and we do not share your details with any other companies or organisations.


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50 Top Worship Songs (Volume 1)


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Publisher: Power Music Software
Published: 04 Jan 2018

An amazing collection of the most popular worship songs! Based on the most used worship songs of 2017, we have put 50 of them together into a Power Music virtual songbook complete with sheet music scores, transposable chord sheets, lyrics and indexing.
From the number one '10,000 Reasons' to classics like Graham Kendrick's 'Lord The Light Of Your Love' (Shine Jesus Shine) you will find this collection to be an essential resource for all churches and worship leaders all year round.
Five of these songs come with sheet music in two keys for a more 'congregationally singable' or easier to play option.
We have re-arranged many of the songs for better display on iPad or tablet to minimise page turns.
Some of the songs are also available to purchase individually, for example the timeless 'Great Is Thy Faithfulness'.

Songs included:
•10,000 Reasons •In Christ Alone •Cornerstone •How Great Is Our God •Here I Am To Worship •How Great Thou Art •King of Kings Majesty •Hosanna (Praise Is Rising) •How Deep The Father's Love For Us •Be Still •Blessed Be Your Name •Shout To The Lord (A and Bb) •Mighty To Save •Good Good Father •Everlasting God •Psalm 23 •Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) •The Lion And The Lamb •Forever •This I Believe (The Creed) (C and G) •Faithful One •Our God •Great Is Thy Faithfulness •There Is A Redeemer •Come Now Is The Time To Worship •O Praise The Name (Anástasis) •Come People Of The Risen King •The Servant King •I Will Offer Up My Life •Shine Jesus Shine •Great Are You Lord •Oceans (Where Feet May Fall) •Before The Throne Of God Above •Here For You •My Lighthouse •Great Big God •One Thing Remains (Your Love Never Fails) (Ab and G) •Knowing You •Speak O Lord •Open The Eyes Of My Heart Lord •Be The Centre •beautiful Saviour •Holy Spirit •Build Your Kingdom Here •This Is Our God •You Alone Can Rescue •The Power Of Your Love (A and Bb) •No Longer Slaves (Bb and D) •Lord I Lift Your Name On High •Once Again


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55 songs (91 titles)

Click a title to preview. Alternative titles are shown in italics.

10,000 Reasons
All I Once Held Dear
All My Days
Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)
Be Still, For The Presence Of The Lord
Be the centre
Beautiful Saviour
Before The Throne Of God Above
Bless The Lord O My Soul
Blessed Be Your Name
Build Your Kingdom Here
Come People Of The Risen King
Come Set Your Rule And Reign
Come, Now Is The Time To Worship
Everlasting God
Everyone Needs Compassion
Faithful One
From Heaven You Came Helpless Babe
Give Thanks To The Lord our God and King
Good Good Father
Great Are You Lord
Great Big God
Great is Thy Faithfulness
Here For You
Here I Am To Worship
Holy Spirit
How Deep The Father's Love For Us
How Great Is Our God
How Great Thou Art
I Cast My Mind To Calvary
I Will Offer Up My Life
In Christ Alone
Jesus Christ I Think Upon Your Sacrifice
Jesus, be the centre
King Of Kings, Majesty
Knowing You
Let Our Praise Be Your Welcome
Light Of The World
Lord The Light Of Your Love
Lord, I Come To You (A)
Lord, I Come To You (Bb)
Lord, I lift your name on high
Mighty To Save
My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less
My Jesus, My Saviour (A)
My Jesus, My Saviour (Bb)
My Lighthouse
No Longer Slaves (Bb)
No Longer Slaves (D)
O Lord My God
O Praise The Name (Anastasis)
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)
Once Again
One Thing Remains (G)
One Thing Remains(Ab)
Open The Eyes Of My Heart
Our Father Everlasting (C)
Our Father Everlasting (G)
Our God
Our God Is A Great Big God
Praise Is Rising
Psalm 23
Rejoice Rejoice Let Every Tongue Rejoice
Shine Jesus Shine
Shout To The Lord (A)
Shout To The Lord (Bb)
Speak O Lord
Strength Will Rise
The Creed (C)
The Creed (G)
The Lion And The Lamb
The Lord's My Shepherd
The Power Of Your Love (A)
The Power Of Your Love (Bb)
The Servant King
The Splendour Of The King
There Is A Redeemer
There's Nothing Worth More
This I Believe (C)
This I Believe (G)
This Is Our God
Water You Turned Into Wine
Where Feet May Fail
You Alone Can Rescue
You came from heaven to earth
Your Grace Is Enough
Your Love Never Fails (Ab)
Your Love Never Fails (G)

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