Rumours of Angels

Publisher: Make Way Music
Published: Nov 7, 2013
This is a wonderful worship musical by Graham Kendrick for the Christmas season. It is ideal for performance at any time from the beginning of Advent until Epiphany and will provide a thrilling experience for both performers and congregation.
All songs are downloadable to Power Music software on your PC, Mac or iPad. Songs are numbered so that they appear in order ready to add to a playlist for your Christmas event, or mix the songs with other carols for your Christmas services. All songs come complete with music scores, transposable chord sheets and lyrics.

About the Advent Event; past, present and future, Rumours of Angels explores the mysteries of the incarnation, celebrates a present experience and anticipates a coming kingdom. It is also a resource of new songs for singers, choirs and congregations and can be used as a live event.


01. Can you believe it? (Rumours of Angels)
02. Rumours of Angels (Rumours of Angels)
03. Earth lies spellbound (Rumours of Angels)
04. Nothing will ever be the same again
05. Thorns in the Straw (Rumours of Angels)
06. Aint nothing like it (Rumours of Angels)
07. Seekers and Dreamers (Rumours of Angels)
08. He is here (Rumours of Angels)
09. What kind of greatness (Rumours of Angels)
10. You came from the highest (Rumours of Angels)
11. White Horse (Rumours of Angels)