Dreaming of a Holy Night

Publisher: Make Way Music
Published: Nov 13, 2013
Songs of wonderment at the Nativity, and longing for the fulfilment of what began on that holy night. Another Christmas musical by Graham Kendrick ready for download to your iPad, PC or Mac using Power Music software. Includes music scores plus transposable chords and lyrics.

Graham Kendrick: "I have always found the accounts of the nativity to be woven through not only with mystery and wonder, but with the real struggles of ordinary people - especially in the characters of Mary and Joseph, Elizabeth and Zechariah. In the midst of their dilemmas and disappointments and the drama of what unfolded around them they dreamed of a different world, as so many people do today.
Christmas is a time when for a moment it can be a little easier to imagine a world put right, when hope is rekindled for the peace and goodwill we associate with the best of the Christmas season to become a reality for everyone. I have let my imagination be stirred afresh both from inside the story, empathising with some of the characters, and from outside - looking back in wonder at the incarnation, and forward to the fulfilment of what began on that holy night."


01. Night of nights (Dreaming of a holy night)
02. Dreaming of a Holy Night
03. Reckless Love (Dreaming of a Holy Night)
04. Winter Prayer (Dreaming of a Holy night)
05. Whats to be done about Mary (Dreaming of a ..)
06. Look what the Lord has done for me (Dreaming..
07. A Prince is Born (Dreaming of a Holy Night)
08. Suddenly a Light (Dreaming of a Holy Night)
09. The New World Has Come (Dreaming of a Holy..)
10. Midnight Star (Dreaming of a Holy Night)
11. A World Awakes (Dreaming of a Holy Night)
12. We've seen a light (Dreaming of a Holy Night)
13. Rejoice God is now with us (Dreaming of a ..)