Go and Tell

Publisher: Mike Baldwin
Published: Aug 25, 2016
FREE transposable chord charts in Power Music format, complete with lyrics, indexing and web links. From the album Go and Tell by Testament, a Christian Rock Band. This songbook contains powerful lyrics which are extremely thought-provoking.
Written by Mike Balwin, the songs on this album are observations about aspects of Christian life and pose some of the questions Mike had coming to faith. His hope is that you enjoy them or, at least, think about them and reflect on the themes. Mike is happy to chat about them if anyone's interested.

The album is available on Amazon and itunes and, as the lyrics generate debate, there's a double cd pack of 9 discussion sessions for small groups containing: group questions, powerpoint slides, bible references etc. Contact Mike B at: testament@uwclub.net for more details.

Please read the detailed description about Testament and the songs on our blog post here: https://blog.cambronsoftware.co.uk/2016/08/testament-go-and-tell/

  1. God so Loves the World
  2. Field of Blood
  3. Don't Need Jack
  4. God's Work
  5. Hand in Hand with God
  6. Stay with Me
  7. Shout and Sing for the Lord
  8. See Me Now
  9. This Could be the Day


Don't need Jack
Field of Blood
Go and Tell
God so Loves the World
God's Work?
Hand in Hand with God
See Me Now
Shout and Sing for the Lord
Stay with me
This Could be the Day