Marks out of 10

Publisher: Mike Baldwin
Published: Jan 3, 2018
This second album from Mike Baldwin is designed to make you think and to provoke discussion.
These are not 'worship songs' but deal with some of the questions Mike asked when coming to faith.
Mike deals with life at the edge. Thought provoking words dealing with topics of loneliness, rejection, sin and the authority of the Bible.
Some of Mike's songs "All Hail Baal" and "The Gospel According to me" are tongue in cheek with a large dose of satire worthy of The Babylon Bee.
Others ask penetrating questions like "What if it’s true?" and "Marks out of 10". There are materials available for discussion on request.

Listen to the songs here: and click on the links to discover Mike's explanation for each song.

Includes chord sheets and lyrics.

  1. All Hail Baal
  2. Lord send a sign
  3. Where were you?
  4. The Man at the Back
  5. The man inside
  6. That's the way God feels (about you)
  7. What if it's true?
  8. The Gospel according to me
  9. Marks out of 10
  10. The fit body of Christ


All Hail Baal
Lord send a sign
Marks out of 10
That's the way God feels (about you)
The fit body of Christ
The gospel according to me
The Man at the Back
The Man Inside
What if it's true?
Where were you?